Archly Finance Launch


Launch Details

Archly launched on Friday, November 25, 2022.


As with any launch, we'd like to warn our users about the potential limitations of the first release. At launch, our dApp will render best in desktop environments.

If at any point you require assistance, please join our Telegram or Discord, where our community and we will be happy to help you!

Getting Ready

Archly Finance operates on the Telos EVM, Arbitrum Nova, Arbitrum One, BNB Chain (BSC), Fantom, Kava EVM, Optimism, and Polygon networks.

If you are unfamiliar with the networks where we operate, you can find a lot of resources about the network, its ecosystem, and its mission below for each network.

To set up your wallet, please go to and search for Telos, Arbitrum, BNB, FTM, Kava, Optimism, or Polygon. You can use the Connect Wallet button to automatically configure your wallet to use the network you choose. Use the arrow down to expand for more configuration options.


Be sure to learn about the Telos Ignite and Telos Fuel to see if you qualify for a grant or TLOS incentives!


New users who want to participate on Archly should make sure they have the network token listed below on the network in order to be able to pay for transaction/gas fees.

  • Arbitrum Nova: $ETH
  • Arbitrum One: $ETH
  • Base: $ETH
  • BNB Chain (BSC): $BNB
  • Fantom: $FTM
  • Kava EVM: $KAVA
  • Optimism: $ETH
  • Polygon: $MATIC
  • Telos EVM: $TLOS

Getting tokens for the various chains is possible at the following:

If you need to convert your EVM address to a Kava address or vice versa, use the converter tool below:


Some bridging services can take up to 20-30 minutes to complete a transfer of the assets.

Initial Distribution

Archly launched with an initial distribution of 10M Arc locked for 4 years that was airdropped to Telos EVM DeFi community members.

An addition 10M Arc locked for 4 years on each chain (10M Arc locked into veArc) was airdropped to Archly community members for the expansion to Arbitrum Nova, Arbitrum One, Base, BNB Chain (BSC), Fantom, Kava, Optimism, and Polygon chains.

Details of the initial distribution and token emissinos are available in the Initial Distribution section of the Tokenomics.