Archly Finance



Archly works to empower any user on any chain to engage in seamless cross-chain experiences. Our mission is to provide the tools and infrastructure necessary to operate across any chain to power any scenario in a reliable, robust, secure, and consistent environment. The Archly ecosystem is centered around our DEX and Rainbow Road.

Archly Ecosystem Flywheel


DEX is a 100% permissionless liquidity solution for protocols on a wide range of EVM chains to properly incentivize liquidity for their own use cases. Building on top of the groundwork laid out by Solidly, Archly has improved the design to scale across any chain making it the first truly cross-chain ve(3,3) DEX.

Rainbow Road

The Rainbow Road is an abstraction layer of infrastructure that allows seamless cross-chain experiences to be built on top of blockchains. This is done by providing a layer that integrates with the underlying chains and other infrastructure protocols, removing the need for every app (Web2 and Web3) to repeat the same integration work to go cross-chain.

Reactor Chain

Reactor is an EVM-compatible chain aiming to elevate the ve(3,3) experience and facilitate seamless operation across multiple chains within the Archly ecosystem. It will integrate into the Archly ecosystem alongside DEX and Rainbow Road, pushing the boundaries of possibility yet again. The chain distinguishes itself by prioritizing inclusivity and empowerment, diverging from other chains' approaches. Governed by Arc holders, particularly veArc holders, Reactor will uphold principles of simplicity, fairness, and forward thinking. Notably, governance will extend across all chains, enabling true cross-chain governance with participation from veArc holders regardless of their chain. Arc will serve as the native gas token on Reactor, ensuring consistency across the ecosystem.


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