Archly Finance Roadmap



Archly Finance's roadmap outlines a clear path towards enhancing cross-chain interoperability, governance, and user experience through its innovative components and strategic milestones.

DEX v1 LaunchLaunch of the initial decentralized exchange focusing on permissionless liquidity solutions.November 25, 2022
Rainbow Road AnnouncementIntroduction of infrastructure for cross-chain interoperability.February 22, 2023
Arc Emission AutomationImplementation of chain-based automation to facilitate the creation and distribution of Arc for emissions.June 22, 2023
Rainbow Road LaunchLaunch of the infrastructure abstraction layer for cross-chain experiences.October 19, 2023
DEX v2 LaunchEnhanced cross-chain DEX with cross-chain first ecosystem tokens (Arc and veArc) plus controls for fees and emissions.November 26, 2023
Reactor Chain AnnouncementIntroduction of the new EVM-compatible chain for Archly governance and enhanced ve(3,3) mechanics across any chain.April 20, 2024
veArc SplittingLaunch of feature to enable dividing of veArc into two veArc NFT tokens.Q2 2024
Incentives Funding AutomationLaunch of automation to create weekly incentivizes for veArc holders.Q2 2024
Reactor Chain Testnet LaunchTestnet deployment of the Reactor Chain.Q3 2024
Reactor Chain Mainnet LaunchMainnet deployment of the Reactor Chain, enabling cross-chain governance.Q4 2024 / Q1 2025
Ecosystem Funding AutomationImplementation of chain-based automation to ensure proper funding of Rainbow Road and Reactor contracts.Ongoing
Cross-Chain ExpansionFurther expansion to support more EVM-compatible and non-EVM chains.Ongoing