Archly Finance FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Archly different?

Potential for future growth.

At the moment, Archly is in its early stages of establishing partnerships that will help drive users to Archly. As a result the lock rate, currently around 50%, will increase due to growing these partnerships, bribes from these partners, increased fees due to more trading through, and incentives provided by the networks. This will encourage Arc holders to lock up their Arc for longer periods due to having more confidence in a sustained return from their locked Arc. Of course, this is speculative and not a guaranteed outcome. With the support and help of our community and the growing support from other projects onboarding to Archly, we will get there.

Another thing that set us apart from other Solidly forks is our focus on scaling across chains and meeting users and projects where they are. This gives Archly the ability to support more chains while keeping the circulating supply to a minimum. This along with an even higher lock rate means we can scale out to more chains with a similar footprint. And as we scale out to more chains, we enable more projects to use Arc as their emissions token, allow them to bribe veArc holders to direct Arc emissions to their pools to increase liquidity, and build protocol owned liquidity (POL) to prevent the pulling of that liquidity once the bribes are removed. Also, all of the power to control Arc emissions is in the hands of the Arc and veArc holders. And unlike some other Solidly forks, this power has been in ours, like the original Solidly, from the beginning and playing out nicely due to our community and how the initial distribution of veArc was done at our launch and again when we expanded to the six new chains. Getting these voting powers to as many users as possible has lead to a more vested community that is here for the long term.

On top of that we are building the Rainbow Road which is more of of an Anychain approach instead of just a Superchain approach. An Anychain approach also includes Superchains. But the reverse is not true. This is not to say a Superchain strategy is the wrong approach. The Anychain approach is a more inclusive route as it allows for projects to expand out to where they want to increase their reach to more and more users versus pulling all the projects and users onto a single chain, super or not. This puts us in a position to expand out and be the OG Solidly fork on many chains while also helping to strengthen and build up chains where we already are, like Telos, by easing the path of projects to expand to new chains and grow their communities as they continue to build alongside Archly.

Q: What is the Rainbow Road?

Q: When does the new epoch start?

Thursdays at 00:00 UTC

Q: Do I have to claim bribes, fees, rebase distributions each week?

No. You can claim these at any time that you want.

Q: Do I have to vote each week?

No. You can vote once and that vote will remain the same until you change it. However, if you vote, you will have to wait one week before you can vote again.

Q: How do I know when I can vote again?

Your vote unlock date will be be displayed at the bottom of the Votes page. After this time, you can change your votes.

Q: I have multiple veArc, can I combine them into on veArc?

Yes. You can merge your veArc together via the Vest page.

  • Click the Manage button you want to merge the other veArc into
  • Go to the merge section
  • Select the veArc from the drop down menu
  • Click the Merge Tokens button and complete the transaction

Q: Can I transfer my veArc (sell on a NFT platform)?

Yes. However the veArc will need to be reset on the Votes page by clicking the Reset Votes button at the bottom for the veArc you want to transfer.

Q: Can I claim rewards from bribes/fees/rebases (distributions) after burning my veArc (through unlocking/merging/burning veArc actions)?

No. Please be sure to claim any rewards for a veArc before invoking any actions that unlock/merge/burn your veArc. Once a veArc has been burned you lose any rewards that were associated to the veArc.

Q: How do I whitelist my token?

Whitelisting is simple and permissionless on Archly on the Whitelist page. Just follow the steps below.

  • Paste the token's contract address (0x...) in the textfield
  • Make sure you have enough $Arc to pay the Listing Fee
  • Click the WHITELIST button and complete the transaction
  • Create a pull request to add your token to the respective chain(s) in Token List repository