Archly Finance Litepaper



Abstract: Archly emerges as a revolutionary decentralized application framework, redefining the landscape of decentralized applications through its innovative components: DEX, Rainbow Road, and Reactor Chain. This litepaper provides an insightful overview of Archly, highlighting its core features and the transformative impact of DEX, Rainbow Road, and Reactor Chain on scalability, interoperability, and inclusion across a wide range of blockchain networks.

Introduction: Archly is a pioneering platform dedicated to democratizing cross-chain experiences for users across diverse blockchain networks. Our mission is to furnish the essential tools and infrastructure required to navigate any blockchain environment reliably, robustly, securely, and consistently. At the heart of the Archly ecosystem lie our flagship components: DEX, Rainbow Road, and Reactor Chain.

Archly's Core Components:

  • DEX (Decentralized Exchange): Our DEX serves as a fully permissionless liquidity solution catering to protocols across a spectrum of EVM chains. Building upon the foundational work pioneered by Solidly, Archly has honed the design to scale seamlessly across diverse chains, marking it as the premier truly cross-chain ve(3,3) DEX.

  • Rainbow Road: The Rainbow Road serves as an abstraction layer of infrastructure, enabling the seamless construction of cross-chain experiences atop various blockchain networks. By furnishing a layer that integrates seamlessly with underlying chains and infrastructure protocols, Rainbow Road eliminates the need for redundant integration work across Web2 and Web3 applications seeking cross-chain functionality.

  • Reactor Chain: Reactor represents an EVM-compatible blockchain poised to enhance the ve(3,3) experience and streamline operations across multiple chains within the Archly ecosystem. Integrating seamlessly with the Archly ecosystem alongside DEX and Rainbow Road, Reactor pushes the boundaries of possibility. Notably, Reactor distinguishes itself by championing inclusivity and empowerment, diverging from conventional chain approaches. Governed by Arc holders, particularly veArc holders, Reactor espouses principles of simplicity, fairness, and forward-thinking. Noteworthy is the extension of governance across all chains, facilitating true cross-chain governance with participation from veArc holders irrespective of their blockchain allegiance. Arc, as the native gas token on Reactor, ensures ecosystem-wide consistency.

Empowering the Decentralized Applications: Archly's integration of DEX, Rainbow Road, and Reactor Chain marks a significant milestone in the evolution of decentralized applications, empowering developers and users with unprecedented levels of accessibility, security, and scalability. Through Archly's DEX, users can trade assets with confidence, benefiting from transparent and efficient market mechanisms. Rainbow Road expands the reach of applications, enabling seamless interoperability between disparate blockchain networks. Meanwhile, Reactor Chain lays the foundations to have true cross-chain governance and allow applications to operate at scale across any chain.

Conclusion: Archly's commitment to empowering users with seamless cross-chain experiences underscores our dedication to fostering a more interconnected and accessible blockchain ecosystem. Through our innovative DEX, Rainbow Road, and Reactor Chain components, we pave the way for a future where blockchain interoperability is not just a possibility but a tangible reality for all.